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Mast Preparation 

Below are some helpful hints to assist you in the preparation of your mast for delivery:

To ensure no damage during delivery, please have the mast prepped in the following manner:

Please note any item that needs to be taped should be done so with electrical tape or shrink-wrap tape so that the residue of the tape will not be an issue when removing the tape.

  1.  The mast(s)/boom(s) will be secured in mast racks on the trailer.
  2.  The spreader bars should be removed and or folded down so that the mast.  The spreaders should be laid along the top of the mast with padding (carpet) in between the mast and the spreaders and or hard rigging. All the rigging should be tied up tight to one side so that there is a flat side of the mast that can lie on the racks.
  3.  All radar, lights or wind instrumentation on the mast should also be removed and stowed inside the boat.
  4.  Wrapping bubble wrap or saran wrap is unnecessary.  However, should the customer decide to do so then the entire length of the mast needs to be taped around with electrical tape so that it does not unravel while being transported down the road.
  5.  Unless otherwise stated, the boom should be secured on or in the boat.   
  6.  Roller furlers should be disconnected and/or folded back, or slide inside the tube.  Should it be folded or secured to the mast it should also be padded and taped.  If the roller furler cannot be disconnected it is advised that a piece of 2×2 wood of similar length be padded and taped to the mast to help support it.

If you have any questions, please call us toll-free at 1-800-513-2936 or email us here.

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