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Sailboats are much different than powerboats when loading them onto a trailer.  Some sailboats have cradles which will increase the overall height of the boat.  Others have a deep draft wherein the keel can sit inside the trailer, thereby making the boat load out at legal height even if it’s 13’ high.  Still a boat with a beam of over 8’6 wide is considered an oversized load.  Sailboats with a beam of up to 12’ normally do not require an escort.  Boats between 12’ and 14’ wide will need one escort in most states.

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Boats over 14’ high or 14’ wide may be deemed a super load in some states.  This would then require possible route surveys, additional escorts and possible police escorts.
Masts can also create an over-dimensional issue if they are longer than 65’.  Some states would require a rear escort just for the length of the overhang on the trailer.  It all depends on what states are traveled through.
All oversized load restrictions apply when shipping a sailboat which has a beam of over 8’6 wide or is more than 13’11” high when loaded on a trailer.   There are time of day restrictions (especially around cities or urbanized areas), toll road restrictions and road work restrictions that need to be taken into consideration before we can determine what the mileage is to ship your boat.
Every boat is different.  Every haul is quoted individually as it needs to be determined what the mileage is based on what roads can be taken, permits required and possible escorts.  There is no such thing as one price fits all.
We can ship sailboats in or out of a cradle, provided the cradle is in good and sound condition.  If the cradle causes the overall height of the boat to be more than 12’ from the base of the cradle to the highest point of the boat, we will ship the boat and cradle separately but on the same trailer to keep the height within legal limits.  Our trailers are designed to be adjustable to any size boat and your boat will be properly supported regardless of the size.
Preparation for a sailboat normally requires the removal of the mast, boom, and possible bow pulpit, depending on the overall height of the boat.  If the boat has an arch with radar on it, it too may need to be removed.  
Preparing the mast for transport is important so that there is no damage to the mast.  Spreader bars need to be removed.  The best way to prep the mast is to remove all the rigging.  If this is not possible then padding (with carpet) between any rigging and the mast and the roller furling and the mast is necessary to avoid any chafing or marking of the rigging to the spar itself.  The roller furling can sometimes be slid inside or a 2x2 piece of wood can be secured to it to help with the structure of the furling when it is horizontal.  There can not be any radar on the mast.  It is best to also remove any wind instrumentation and mast lights if possible.
The mast will be secured in mast racks on the side of the trailer.  We will provide carpet to wrap the mast where it sits in the rack and where the strap goes over it to prevent any rub marks.   When possible the boom should be secured in the boat or we can secure it in the rack or on the trailer.
Do not wrap your mast in saran wrap or bubble wrap unless you are then going to tape over it the entire length of the mast.  The saran or bubble wrap will not stay in place unless it is further secured with electrical tape, duck tape or the likes.
Dinghies, jackstands, cradles and other equipment that need to be secured on our trailer separately can be transported with your boat at a small additional charge.  There is no charge if these items are placed on or in the boat or if the boat remains in the cradle, if there is one.   
Outboard motors should be removed and secured in the boat as well as the anchor.
All gear, cushions, fenders, lines, etc. must be secured inside the boat or in a compartment.  Do not leave any items loose in the back cockpit of the boat.  Additionally, all items inside the boat should be secured as well.  Glassware, televisions, microwaves, etc should all be secured.  All hatches and windows should also be locked.   We do not cover any lost hatches.   We do not take inventory of the contents of the boat and will not be going inside the boat.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you or your designated agent or marina, pack the boat properly.
Mast shipping for the Erie Barge Canal.  The mast should be prepped as indicated above.  You should be flexible within two weeks of your time frame so that we can help keep the cost down by shipping the mast with other masts from one end of the Erie Barge Canal to the other.   Giving us as much notice as possible as to your intended ship dates will help with the cost for the transportation.

Liability: $1,000,000
Cargo: Up to $500,000.00
We are also US DOT registered: Registration# 0528803 
We are registered with FMCSA Safer System.
Please feel free to check our safety rating through their website.
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